Tuesday, February 26, 2008

lizard friend

so this little guy was constantly on our front porch last summer, we figure he lived there. i don't know if you can tell, but his body as well as his tail are severely deformed (it's hard to catch a lizard in a photo if he doesn't want to be there). his back has big bumps, as well as side-to-side lumps. anyhow, i figured he'd be a gonner over the winter, cause he sure doesn't look too healthy, but he was back today, sunning himself on our porch, and windowsill, so i thought i'd set him up online for all to see. he's my favorite. you've got to admire such crookedness. by the way, for the curious, he still seems to be as fast as a normal lizard. i guess that's how he gets by.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


afton thinks the couch and all it's pillows are for her personal enjoyment
of course, we generally agree with her... it's fun :)


there's not much to be said for being sick. there's even less to say about the whole family being sick. i guess the good part is that afton likes to sleep more, which means we all can, but still, there's not much fun about being sick.
afton's had a cold for the last three weeks now, and it got a lot worse this week, i think she caught some sort of flu bug on top of it. we went to the dr on wednesday and he said she's got bronchitis and an ear infection. she's now on a breathing machine (to open up her lungs)--she does not like the breathing machine. fortunately two of the three daily doses can be while she's sleeping, in the morning, if i try to sneek in early, she just wakes up early. nap time and after bed time are easy. she's also on an antibiotic for the ear infection and she seems to be doing much better. we still decided it was better to stay home from church today though.
i think paul and i caught everything afton had, though ours weren't as bad, we've each had a day to be miserable, fortunately, just a day.
on the plus side, paul had his interviews at smu (southern methodist, in tx) yesterday, and he feels they went really well. he probably won't hear from them for two to three weeks officially, but he thinks there's a good chance he'll be accepted there. we still haven't heard from the other schools he's applied to. i guess this doesn't really fit under the label 'sick' but it's our better news for the week :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

paul's business

just wanted to let everyone know paul came home from work with an extra slice of chocolate cake today. it seems there was a little party for the employee of the quarter. paul. the last slice was saved for me, it seems they think i deserved it somehow too! i won't complain, i like cake. it came with a little framed certificate and a nice little bonus too.
ps, this was employee of the district, not just his office, that covers two counties

Monday, February 18, 2008


this past week has been super busy, well, relatively... anyhow, afton and i started working on a garden plot for flowers in our front yard. along the front of our house is a cement block at foundation height about two feet out from the house, it's not much for a demarkation, but we decided if we fill it in with a bit more dirt and raise it up a little, it might actually be pretty cute, so that's what we're working on. we've borrowed a wheelbarrow from one set of neighbors, and we're collecting old bricks from the other side (they've got tons of extras they're trying to get rid of). so we're building the little plot up two bricks high and filling it in with dirt from the back yard (which isn't only not much to look at, but rather nothing to look at). we're just over half done, and hope to finish in the next week or so so we can start some plantings before it gets too warm.

sad that i think of too warm when it's just the middle of february... actually, last week we had two or three days in the upper 60s/low 70s, but then on friday morning it snowed. we had a lot of rain thursday night and friday, but it was cold enough to mix into snow before long. there was so much water on the ground that it didn't stick though, just melted right in. we like water though, so rain's always a good thing here.

wednesday night paul got snowed in too, but that was into slc. he'd gone up that night for his interview at byu, and he got stuck in slc with two other applicants, evidentally there was enough snow to close down the highway at point of the mountain there, so after a long night trying to get everything squared away, they finally put the applicants up at a motel for the night. then they had to get up super early the next morning to rent a car and head down to provo before the interviews, so paul only got about 3 hours of sleep that night... oh well, he still did okay at his interview. he's on the alternate list there. i guess that means he hasn't been accepted yet, but he's not completely out of the running either, so he's still in limbo. i like to think that's good news.

friday was fun for me and afton, we went to lunch with hilary's family and grampa anderson, then we all went to the boyce-thompson arboretum which was a lot bigger and nicer than i'd expected. we could have probably spent another hour or more there to have seen everything, but since it was raining all day and the kids were getting tired, we didn't. afton's stroller did a pretty good job staying water-proof, unfortunately, afton had no interest in staying in her stroller. we saw lots of interesting plants, tons of varities of cactus, and very few flowers. they should start blooming in another month or so, i think we'll try to head back then with paul, it looks like a really nice place. afton had a great time playing at aunt hilary's house after though, and i think she did a pretty good job keeping at least the cousins entertained (me too, for that matter, she gets really silly when she's tired).

saturday we were happy to see paul back, though we didn't have a lot of time to play, we visited in mesa with his family for a bit, and then had to get home for a stake ym/yw activity paul had to help out at (it went over an hour longer than it was supposed to), but still, he was home, we're not used to him being gone for such a long time.

sunday afternoon, we headed down to tucson for a quick visit. we stayed with some friends there for the evening, and afton had a really, really hard time going to bed, but monday morning we all had fun. we visited with paul's sister elaine for a while and then we all headed over to the tucson botanical gardens for a nice visit. they have a butterfly exhibit that's really neat. this month they had butterflies from south america. evidentally they bring in new species every month or so, there were hundreds in a fairly small area, so we could walk through and find every kind. they also had a display up of the chrysilises (spelling?) so we could see where they'd come from. those were really pretty! at first when i saw them through the glass, i thought they were earrings on display. some even had a metallic glint, others were bright green or pink. i only wished i'd brought my camera. the rest of the gardens were nice too, but a bit much for me just after seeing the arboretum which was more extensive.

anyways, it's good to be home, and hopefully healthy (afton and i are fighting colds). it's interesting to me how much gardening can brighten up a rainy day, even in arizona in february. if anyone's ready for a break from winter's snows, feel free to drop by... i think we're done with snow for this year. smile!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

katharine says i should start a blog

see, now this is the hard part... what do i say in my blog, afton's sleeping, the sun's shining, and there's chocolate in my freezer... what more could i possibly want?