Tuesday, May 15, 2012

mothers day photos

playing with my new editing stuff:

so for some reason, this one won't show up with the edits, i just added a simple border though, so it wasn't very exciting anyways. we took this with a self-timer... we're that cute! ;)

i think daddy took this one, but now that i think about it, i may have them confused, either way, i like them

and last but not least, aren't we cute?!
mostly, i just wanted to take pictures sometime, and we were ready for church a couple minutes early, so this is what happened. i'd better hit 'publish' too, or else i'll start rambling...

malachi's birthday

so i'm way behind with posting again... and that's partly because of me not taking many photos, and partly because i just haven't made this a priority, but enough excuses... malachi turned 2 last week!!!
it was a sunday, so maybe not as exciting as it could have been, but i think he had a blast just the same. he's just now getting to the point where he likes going to nursery, as opposed to going but letting us know he's not too thrilled. he had a nice nap after church, then we had grandma/pa, nicki, naomi, becca, and our friends the wests come over. malachi LOVES becca, it's almost weird, since he's only met her three times now (in his memory). he got lots of cars/trucks and dinosaurs for gifts. they were a big hit with everyone
i actually have quite a few pictures of his birthday, but they all look similar...

i love this one, though i do need to point out that he did not wear that outfit to church, he just got to switch shorts to something less stain-able than his light khaki's... and paul let him pick them out himself.
we also had meatballs and cucumber for dinner (not together--but yes, 2 of his favorites), and a chocolate cake, that i didn't bother taking pictures of because it was boring, but it was 'choke-ate' and that's what mattered :)
one more picture that i love:

malachi playing cars with grandpa... so cute!
 thanks to everyone that came and celebrated with us, we had a blast and we're so grateful for this crazy boy to love!