Sunday, July 28, 2013

Our last full day in NY we decided to get away from Grampa's house and let the adults do adult things (I think it was time for both them and us to have a little break ;) ). I'm still not sure if I should say 'fortunately' or 'unfortunately,' but it was a little rainy that day, just on and off sprinkles, but I think for the most part it was a good thing. By this time, the A/C had been out for a couple days at Grampa's, and he (and Aunt Tracy) aren't nearly as used to the hotter temps as we are, so the little rain was nice to cool things off. We found a cute little park on the bank of the Erie Canal and played for an hour or so:
little monkeys
this was really a quite tall and steep slide, so much so that Malachi would only go if  I'd slow him down part way, but Afton loved it
one on the rocks please
really I think the main reason Chi was so happy was because they were working on the park as we were playing there, we stayed out of the way, but we saw a couple dump trucks, a large loader and a couple tractor-things (mulcher, mower, etc). There was clearly a big tree down that they were cleaning up, but I think they were doing some other improvements at the same time, the swings were off limits, for example.
these three gourd-things had rattles inside them, so they made 'music' Rayna was happy
After an hour or so, it was time for me to get moving, so we took a walk about a mile along the canal up to Downtown Fairport. I couldn't believe how tame the ducks were! Clearly they have no fear of people along this path!
duck.... duck....
Afton was more leery of these geese than they were of us, she's been 'attacked' by geese before, but these barely notice we were walking past.
We could also hear trains rumbling by, and later someone told us they go by every 15 minutes. we had to stop here, because this was the best view we could find of the track. I still can barely believe how green it is! the trees grow up everywhere! I don't think I'll ever get tired of all the green (MD is like that too, which as a side note makes driving interesting, as at least half the lower signs are nearly completely covered with ivy or other greenery)
a big rock! with a great view, see the pretty canal in the background?
We made it back to Fairport. We crossed a bridge and looked at some of the shops downtown. The girls were initially really excited about a formal dress shop, but then they saw the candy store :)
So I let them each pick out an old-fashioned stick candy, which they happily had for lunch
(don't worry, they had healthy 'treat' after this lunch)
and one more fun pose, they sure loved everything along this walk! even walking the mile back to our car didn't slow them down! I am proud of my kids for their great attitudes and mostly healthy habits!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Some church history sites

Naturally, when you go to upstate NY in July, one of the main reasons to go is to see the Hill Cumorah Pageant! This is one of my favorite things of all about upstate NY, and one of the main reasons I went on a mission (for those that don't know, I was in the pageant 3 times between HS and my mission--it made a big impact on my life). Also, knowing me, feel free to laugh that despite all the millions of pictures I took of everything else on my trip, I forgot my camera when we saw the pageant :(. The kids had a great day, playing hard all morning and sleeping all afternoon (at least enough!) to be happy to stay up late, and happy to go to sleep when we got back to Grampas. Also, thanks to Aunt Tracy that came with us and helped Malachi (and Afton), when I had to run Rayna to the bathroom in the middle of the show--for those that remember the destruction scene--with all the fireworks and earthquakes and such... The show is a bit smaller than I remember, in terms of audience, though the cast was bigger, so it was a little weird for me, but it was still a great show, and Afton's been quoting it during our family scripture study lately--it helps that we are reading about Nephi's boat :)
Anyways, the kids loved it, and I had a great time seeing it again, it's been too long! and it was a warm night, so I think we were all mostly comfortable. I'll get some pictures eventually from Tracy too, so I'll pass them on if anyone's interested.
The next day we went to see the sites. These are out of order, but I don't think it really matters:
Angel Moroni Statue at the top of the hill, the kids practically raced up there, and then immediately back down. it was pretty hot up there, so I didn't really mind coming right back down either, though I got a few looks for running up the hill 7+ months pregnant :)
in the visitor's center. We went to all the outside stuff first, except the hill, so this was a nice cool break for us. The kids had a great conversation with one of the Sister missionaries there too.
Afton particularly liked the BM's in foreign languages, and most particularly the ones with different alphabets, there were some really pretty books there.
If I remember this correctly, this was in the JS frame house, the pantry. Mostly, I think the kids wanted a picture.
and upstairs at the log house
We did get a few other pictures of the houses and the cooper-shop, and we looked at everything else, wells, barns, beehives, gardens, etc... but mostly we were just hot... it was a nearly-record setting summer there, more like TX than NY, go figure...
the kids also really liked walking through the sacred grove, though we didn't spend too much time because it was nearly lunch time. Both girls commented about how peaceful it was there, though in their own words.
It was really nice for me to be able to share this experience with my kids, I hope they're old enough to remember and appreciate some of it!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

more fun times in NY

Sunday afternoon was a perfect day to hike up and down the driveway and yard looking for black raspberries... we were afraid we wouldn't find too many, but we got nearly 3 pints! I think it's save to say they were a bit hit!
the girls particularly loved them
it was also nice to have Aunt Tracy and Matt & Breanne come Monday night so we could make a big mixed berry cobbler (black raspberries, strawberries & blueberries) to share!
Afton found this great pogo stick and practiced nearly every day we were there, she could get about 4-6 bounces at best, but had a great time trying!
another childhood favorite of mine was Lollypop Farm, it's an animal rescue shelter/home/humane society type thing, but as a kid I just liked looking at the animals!
the kids were really happy to see the horses, they're blowing their lips like horses in the pic, that's why they don't look like they're smiling
the emu was also a favorite, they didn't really want to turn their backs to it though, I think they were afraid it'd bite through the fence
again, not pinching noses, they were trying to hold their noses upturned like a pig snout!
the funniest thing to me is that they thought of these 'poses' on their own
petting some completely relaxed goats. it was a really hot day, so most of the goats and sheep were in the barn by the huge fans, but there were a few totally calm ones in the yard that the kids could pet.
Being true Andersons at heart, we couldn't resist getting some outdoor work in on our vacation. Fortunately, Grampa is always working so we could hitch a ride with him and get something done.
the girls were both immediately excited about riding on the tractor, Malachi was thrilled to see the tractor, but way too scared to ride on it.
we hitched up the dirty old trailer (which Chi did want to ride in, though I wouldn't let him, way too many bugs and rust)
and we loaded up 3-4 loads of wood from various piles that Grampa had already prepared, and drove them over to the woodpile. We're excellent wood stackers, and even though the tractor wasn't working right (it needed to be charged 3-4 times in one day... I think Grampa said is was something with the starter, or the choke? I don't remember, he was also having trouble with his chain saw and his mower, so he was a little frustrated with how little outside work he was able to get done) we had a great time, and I think we were actually helpful, instead of just in the way.
Malachi was brave enough to pretend to drive the tractor at one point while the rest of us were loading wood, and he had such a fun time pretending that when Grampa went to turn it back on so we could go unload, he was finally ready to ride:
here's the blurry pic through the trees where we loaded the last wood into the trailer... and go figure, it wouldn't start!
so he missed his ride after all, but we were able to charge the battery again, and later we finished this pile, unfortunately Chi didn't get to ride later (I think it was nap time, though I don't really remember).
there was a great big tree just behind the tractor and off to the left that was knocked down by Sandy that Grampa had already started trimming, the trunk was all still there though, and we went down to see/play on/clamber across it the next morning, it's going to make some good firewood this winter!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Grampa Anderson's house... or yard, rather...

The kids and I took a much needed vacation to visit Great-Grampa Anderson... I'm not sure how 'needed' he may have found it, but I think for the most part we were able to rub along fairly well all together :). The first full day we were there we mostly played outside at his house. The only pictures I managed to take were all of the play-area. I used to love these swings as a kid, so it was great for me to see my kids playing here too. We also went walking in the woods and up and down the driveway--or rather, down and back up. We noticed lots of wild black-raspberry brambles, which we attacked after church on Sunday, and we were looking for deer, wild turkey, and pheasants. We found some feathers, though we did see the deer and some turkeys later in the week.
gotta love all that green too!
Malachi mostly missed his naps, so he got away a lot with the binky...
Rayna was really, really happy to be playing outside!
Afton made her own rules
picking fresh cherries... YUM!
he was also really, really happy to be outside! and could have easily played here for the vast majority of every day, if only his sisters would play with him... unfortunately, they wanted to play elsewhere too...
gotta love the giant swing too!
you should click on this picture and zoom in on Rayna's face, I can't remember the last time I saw her this happy to be on a playground!
Chi picked cherries too
jungle-gym monkeys!
(I was laying underneath to take the picture... I probably shouldn't have bothered... it was awkward!)

Monday, July 22, 2013

park day

So the last day we had with Emalie was Thursday... and that morning was supposed to be the first play-group/mom's day for our ward... it was a little overcast (aka, sprinkling all morning), so the playground was thoroughly wet, but it was a nice big playground, and there was a little farm area too (and a nature center, that we didn't get a chance to see), so we didn't mind the long drive. We were a little disappointed that we were the only people to show up :(, but the kids had a blast on some of the fun 'new' playground equipment.
Malachi loved this roller slide, and he quickly learned his lesson about trying to climb UP the slide
Rayna liked it too, though I think her main concern at first was that it wasn't as wet as the other slides
Afton found a zip-line thing... it was hard for her to reach it, but she figured a few tricks out.
and a see-saw is always a good idea!
Malachi was thrilled to be the center of attention, unlike the last few times I got the camera out. He was begging me to take more and more pictures of him!
After we played for an hour or so we had our picnic lunch (by this time the rain had completely stopped, but the play area was still pretty damp), and we headed over to the farm-area. As we passed the parking lot another family from our ward showed up! hooray! ready-made friends! They were planning on starting at the farm too, so it was a perfect transition time for us all (and they'd been at a well-check, so they'd planned on coming late, I was just glad someone else planned on coming at all!). Interestingly and convienently enough, the other family that came has a little girl Afton's age, another Rayna's age, and a little boy Malachi's age, (plus an older girl and a baby boy that's clearly just a bit older than ours will be).
watching the peacocks. there were 4-5, and three of them had their tails up at various times, you can see one fan here behind the tallest girl, and 2 others--one up high hanging down, and one off to the left
Malachi was fascinated with the chickens.
I think the girls were trying to see what was so exciting about chickens :)
As you can tell from the picture, these girls became fast friends!
and when they were 'threatened' by another late-comer from the ward, they were able to circle up and protect themselves from him :) --he thought that was pretty funny
Hooray for meeting new people! and hooray that they made it before we had to leave to take Emalie to the airport!

Sunday, July 21, 2013


one of the best things about our new backyard is the sand pit under the deck... it's not really a sand box, but there is a lot of sandy dirt, and Dad left some shovels under there... so the kids got to work.
and when Emalie started helping out, they really 'got into it!'
I splurged at Wal-Mart and got a $2 sprinkler so the kids could cool off and rinse off after the sand
Afton loved it.
so did Rayna
and even Emalie decided to rinse off before coming inside :)
ps, Malachi did get wet too, but he wouldn't jump, nor was he excited about pictures this particular day...