Monday, June 30, 2008

day one

today was the first day of paul's big adventure, so far, the girls and i are doing well, just a little tired. for some reason, last night rayna decided she won't sleep anymore. i will admit, it's not too bad when she doesn't sleep, cause she doesn't demand constant attention, but she is a grunter, and she was making all kinds of little sounds that kept me pretty much awake. finally around 4 i really crashed. paul got up at 5 to get ready to go, and at 5.30 he woke me to go drop him off. (fortunately, my mother-in-law stayed overnight, so we didn't have to wake the kids).
the rest of the day went pretty well, i got a lot done, and had a couple nice visits with friends (anyone else for VT on the last of the month?). afton's nap was rather late (we stayed longer than i meant to at a visit), so she slept a little later than usual too, but she was really good at bed-time, so i don't care! she really was pretty good today, which i really appreciated. anyways, i got the garbage out (paul's usually in charge of that), so i think it's bedtime. sweet dreams!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

hubby tag

1. What is his name? Paul Alan
2. Who eats more? Me
3. Who said, "I love you" first? him (was it even one week?)
4. Who is taller? Paul
5. Who is smarter? We're pretty even, but he's got more common sense
6. Who is more sensitive? Me
7. Who does the laundry? Me
8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Both, after all, it would be really awkward to sleep on the wrong side (or paul, if you're going for the whole left/right thing... though we've switched a couple times)
9. Who pays the bills? Him
10. Who cooks more? Me (though he would do more if i let him in the kitchen more often)
11. Who is more stubborn? Both, he's silently stubborn, i'm vocally stubborn
12. Who is the first to admit they are wrong? Me (but he's more likely to apologize first, often he's not sure why, but he's willing to be sorry anyways)
13. Who has more siblings? me
14. Who wears the pants in the relationship? him
15. What do you like to do together? hike, camp (though not as much with the babier, sit and read, eat, play games where he lets me win (dominoes, cards, etc), watch tv (aka. veg)
16. Who eats more sweets? me, though he does have a weird habit of drinking sweetened (brown sugar) milk before bed
17. Guilty Pleasures? sweetened milk. ice cream (both of us), him--a good game of hearts (generally played with three other people that just gang up against him, thinking if one of us wins, we all win, just to beat paul)
18. How did you meet? FHE group at the university of AZ
19. Who asked whom out first? he asked me (bowling with a few of his friends, four married couples, one of which was his sister... no pressure for a first date, right?)
20. Who kissed who first? he did
21. Who proposed? he did, though i can't remember who brought up the "M" word first
22. His best features and qualities? patience (especially with me :), big heart (especially with children), makes me laugh, really hard worker, dedicated to what he does, if i beg really hard he'll occasionally rub my feet (begging is easier accomplished while pregnant)... features: green eyes and killer eyelashes that he's supposed to give to all our girls!

I tag Amy, Megan, and Cassie. And anyone else who wants to do it, go ahead!

sweet baby

rayna is such a good baby! it still amazes me that she will sit peacefully on the couch or in her little seat and be happy while i play with afton or get something done around the house. i know this is not technically unusual, since she's only four weeks old, but by the time afton was this age she was already colicky, and she wanted to be held ALL the time. most of the time i could oblige her, but when i couldn't she sure could scream!
i especially appreciated having a good baby yesterday when afton wasn't feeling well. one grumpy kid is enough for me when i can't get a good night's sleep! fortunately, they were both happier today. i know i'm blessed with this one, someone remind me of that tactfully when she gets to be two years old.

"water" in the desert

afton had two funnies today with water, at least i thought so.

visiting a friend with a slightly older boy to play with (he's 2 1/2):
afton had a small glass of water, and asked "mo?" to which i gave her a little more. her friend promptly went to his mother and said "mo? mo? i be like afton!"
it's fun when kids want to be like each other :)

later this afternoon, it started raining, afton was looking out the window in some consternation. she looked up, turned to me and asked "wa-er?" pointing out the window.
evidentally, you might be an arizonian if you don't know what rain is.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

cute girls!

aren't these kids cute? i love the matching outfits! if only they had made it through the whole day...

it's a bug's life

so we've had a little problem with bugs lately, big ones. i guess i prefer a little problem with big bugs to a big problem with little bugs... though i'm not positive.

paul was poisioning our giant cockroaches last night. (hooray for a husband that kills the bugs!), and he was nearly done, so i decided to hurry and get a shower so he could have it free when he was done, as i was stepping into the shower, two cockroaches climbed out of the drain! i guess i squeeled a little louder than i thought cause paul came in the house asking what was wrong. i was shaking. it's a little embarrasing to realize how much i was shaking, but i was in a rather vunerable position, and i do hate roaches... needless to say, i was not getting in that shower quite yet! (and when i finally did, i had the drain plugged up, so i just drained out all the water when i was done... certianly safer).

anyways, that's the first story. the next happened this morning. the girls and i took paul to work (well, he drove, but we took the car back home so we'd have it later), and since we don't have any a/c in the car, we had the windows down. just after we turned onto the highway, a giant bee (perhaps a carpenter bee? is anyone sure what they look like?) flew in paul's window and settled on his shoulder. he pulled over pretty quick and carefully unbuckled his seatbelt to step out, and as soon as he got out of the car it flew away (i was really glad it was his shoulder though, not mine or one of the babies!)... so anyways, those are our big bug stories.

BTW, i hate big bugs. :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

tree tales

once upon a time we had a tree.

then something happened (i think there was a weakness)

fortunately paul was able to clean it up

and he had a little help

and there's a little something to remember it by:



last week we had a wonderful visit from my mom and three of my sisters. i hope they thought so too. i sure enjoyed lots of good food, fun games, and other people keeping afton busy! afton loved going for a ride with grandma (shopping especially) and having lots of people that let her be the center of attention. rayna didn't really seem to care about the company per se, but she sure liked being held so much. paul especially enjoyed missy's company, cause she did all the dishes for the WHOLE week. i wish i could say i was sure they loved it here, but afton also had a double ear infection the whole time they were hear (pun intended) so she wasn't nearly as happy as she usually is. unfortunately, she shared her cold with the rest of us, and i'm afraid by the time they left, everyone had it. so anyways, rayna's already had her first cold, and she finally seems to be on the mend (i think i only had to suck the snot out of her nose twice today!). i'm feeling better too, but i've decided that if i ever want to sell a house again, i'll do it when i don't have a brand new baby, and when we're all healthy (okay, so that's a good goal, i know it may not be a practical one, cause really, who knows if we'll ever be able to buy a house again, let alone have a house to sell?!). i guess the combined affect of sickness, lack of sleep and pressure to keep the house clean are a bit much for my nerves (or is it my hormones?).
i've just uploaded my pictures onto the computer, and it occured to me that i didn't take many pictures with my family here!!! mom, if you have some good ones, i'd love to see them.

i do have to say though, when the realtor called last week and wanted to show the house to a couple people, i was truely amazed at how fast my house got cleaned out! it not only was clean, but there was no way anyone would guess that there were four extra people living there for a week! you guys were great!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


i've had a couple questions about my labor/delivery for rayna, so i thought i'd just post a little summary... if you're not interested, read no further :)
my very first contraction was at 6.20 pm tuesday, paul and afton were playing/tickling/jumping on the bed, and i was just laying down with them and felt a big contraction, not really painful, but obvious. we then went on a walk, just because, and i continued to feel minor contractions, though none were really big or painful, more twinges than anything else. in fact, i was still able to take a shower around 8pm, and then after we got afton to bed, i thought i should try to lay down too, cause i figured if i wasn't really in heavy labor yet, it would be good to sleep as much as possible, naturally, i couldn't sleep, too excited. just before ten, i decided i could call anna though, cause i had to tell someone i was in labor, though i still figured it could be a long way off (i was thinking maybe late wednesday morning, cause the contractions were still so mild). i think she laughed at me, but i was just glad there was someone in my time zone that would care :).

around midnight, paul decided he was probably going to miss work wednesday morning (i could have told him sooner, but i thought it was a given), so he decided he'd better run to the office and leave some paperwork ready for his supervisor to fill in for him at a meeting. he thought he'd be pretty quick... naturally, it was a comedy of errors at work, his computer was having trouble, the copier wasn't working properly, etc... and it took him almost 2 hours to get home (okay, it was probably an hour and a half, but by the time he got home it felt like a lot longer).

it was about 1 that i probably hit transition though i didn't know it at the time, i was starting to have a lot more pain with each contraction, though they weren't at all regular, sometimes still as much as 20 minutes apart, though sometimes only about 7... this is probably when i should have called the babysitter and gone to the hospital, though i still don't think it would have made too much difference, but i'm getting ahead of myself. naturally, i was mad at paul for not being there when i started to have more pain... i didn't say it made sense, just that it was natural for me :) at that time. paul came home and tried to talk me into going to the hospital, but i insisted i still had plenty of time. i was so tired, that i figured the pain wasn't as intense as i thought it was, it was just feeling more painful because i was so tired. it made sense at the time too. (paul didn't say i told you so, but i'm sure he thought it).

around 4 i said, enough i'm ready for pain medication, and we called the babysitter. it took them a little while to come over, probably 15 minutes. while we were waiting for them my water broke, so it took me a few more minutes before i was ready to leave. soon enough though, we were on our way, and i think we pulled into the parking lot at 4.30am. we went right in to labor and delivery and i told the nurse i wanted medication asap, i was hurting (paul later admitted he didn't think we'd still have time for that, though he still didn't realize how little time we had left). i had two more bad contractions while i was changing, and by the time i got onto the bed for the nurse to check me, the baby was ready. they immediately paged the doctor, who only took about 2 minutes to get there, but while she was still washing up and getting gloves on, paul could see the baby crowning. needless to say, i did not get my pain medication. (rayna was born at 4.53, by the way)

in terms of everything that went on, i still don't mind getting there so last minute, except then i didn't have time for the antibiotics i needed to protect rayna from the GBS, so that resulted in an extra day at the hospital, but i was still glad to get most of the labor done at home, it was more comfortable for me to be there, and i think it was easier for paul too, until he panicked that he would have to deliver the baby himself ;). fortunately, rayna is doing great, and didn't need any antibiotics herself, so that is good. she did go in for a check-up yesterday, and she's still a little jaundiced, but otherwise healthy and growing, she's gained half a pound in her first week. though i did have a moment when the nurse measured her at 19 1/2 inches long... she was 21 at the hospital! so they re-measured her, and when she really stuck her foot out, she was the full 21 inches still :). the only problem now is that she needs to go back to the lab for another heel stick to check her blood for the jaundice tomorrow. she already has three holes in each foot! she's not a good bleeder.

in other, related, news, her bellybutton has already appeared! afton's cord didn't fall off til she was almost 6 weeks old, rayna's was done by 6 days. it's kind of cute :). that's all for now.