Monday, September 28, 2009

keeping busy (picture overload)


looks like fun, huh?
cheesy grin...

beautiful picture!
with sticks, of course. and posing and posing...

a wild mushroom, (or probably toadstool, what's the difference anyways?)

and afton's stick too, of course
loving afton's new shoes, and rayna's cheesy grins!

bubble blowers double as toe rings, didn't you know?

she almost looks shy... and pretty in purple :)
ranya's not shy though! (yes, i think that's a bead in her mouth)
and reading:

daddy and afton (and mama and ranya) love to read together, this is one of the girls' favorites, probably in part cause afton can essentially quote it, or maybe it's the other way... either way, it's cute

Monday, September 14, 2009

afton's birthday

a zillion fun pics from afton's birthday and a few from the party (she invited grandma fluckiger and joshua, their families came too :)

we spent the rainy day making a birthday crown (with her first present, stickers), and playing bubbles, lots and lots of bubbles.

and after daddy came home, we tried flying the spiderman kite. it was pretty cool!

friday night was dinner and a party, wth TONS of presents! better than Christmas!
including some pretty dress-ups :), a spray bottle (her favorite), cards, bubbles, bubble wands, cereal, bubbles, paints, and some various and sundry clothes and toys.

the girls had a great time watching grandpa, naomi and others doing the hokey pokey (they did join in too, but i obviously caught the pic when they were just watching).

and last but not least, afton loved her blue bear cake.
such fun! we'll have to have another one (birthday, not blue bear cake) next year :)

too young to shave...

afton asked to shave her legs a few days ago, and silly me, i told her she was too young, and maybe in 10 years... sunday morning, she joined paul instead. he was getting ready for church, and she went running in the bathroom, "i wanna shave too" next thing i know, they're about done :)

they look good together too, huh?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

swine flu?

well, i guess it turns out that the flu we've all had lately isprobably swine flu... yea. paul had it first, he started feeling generally crummy (fevers, aches, sore throat, etc.) on saturday (after biking 15 miles, working half the day on campus, and playing racketball for an hour and a half), and sunday he didn't dare drive to church cause he was so dizzy... after spending all day monday at home and sleeping phenominal hours sunday and monday, he was mostly better and was back to school on tuesday (again, sarcastic, hooray for three day weekends). tuesday rayna and i felt generally crummy and had pretty bad fevers, afton never got it really bad (knock on wood), but she did have a mild fever the last two days too, and she didn't even complain too bad about nap time. i'm still feeling pretty bad (dizzy, disoriented, sinus pressure, body aches, etc), though i don't have a fever anymore. and it's kinda hard to say about the girls, though they don't have fevers anymore, and they've been pretty active again. rayna had a really bad fever yesterday, enough to worry me...
anyways, it was almost relieving to have paul come home today and tell me that the powers that be on campus have been sending out warnings to all the students to stay home if they're not feeling well, and to the professors to be more lenient to sick kids... etc. there have been confirmed cases of swine flu on campus, and most have not been too severe, but still take 3-4 days to get over. but it's relieving to know that there is really a reason to feel this bad! i hate it when a cold or flu or allergies knock me out, cause it always seems that it jsut shouldn't be that bad, cause it's just the flu or whatever, but when it's swine flu and it's literally been killing people, it makes more sense to feel like you've been knocked over by a steamroller or two. that being said, i'm really glad we've all been recovering, and managable in our complaints. and i'm really, really sorry to everyone i've come into contact with over the past few days (i've been to two grocery stores, and wal-mart, and the library! i keep forgetting things, so i have to go back, but now i wish i hadn't!).
if anyone we've been playing with feels like they may be coming down with something, i recommend you take a day or two to be sure it's not swine flu before you get out and about too much! if you're looking for more info, i recommend this site though i didn't find it til we were mostly past everything. also our biggest consistant symptoms have been really high fevers, headaches, and really bad dizziness/fogginess. so watch out for that. sorry again if we brough this to you, and best luck getting past it!

afton's birthday!

today afton's 3
ps, yes that's rayna in the background with a sticker on her nose, and afton's bink in her hand!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

a few words from the girls...

rayna says:
,cbgjm,,. ,

afton says:
as AFYTSON DADDY MAMAAA 4855555555566666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666
77777777777777777777777777777 V 5555555555555555555555555555555 22222222222222222222222222222 JU1111111111111111 00OKKKKKKKKKKKK0