Sunday, April 27, 2008

nap time...

how is it that kids figure they are old enough to phase out naptime? i've been putting afton down around 2 pm forever... and just lately she's started passive resistance. she'll lay there playing with her baby doll or her bink or blanket or whatever might be in her bed, but i'll hear her playing for a good hour... then she's hard to wake up, once she finally crashes, around 4.30 or 5. and i don't dare let her sleep past 5 cause then she thinks she doesn't need to go to bed at night (one night last week she was up til 11!--still crying in her bed cause we wouldn't get her up, i was so tired that night!). i guess it's not generally too bad, cause she's still quiet during naptime, and i know she still gets the rest she needs, but it still drives me crazy too... such is life, i suppose.

Friday, April 18, 2008

drawers part 2

yesterday was a new record too... eleven. (i don't know how she does it!)

Thursday, April 17, 2008


yesterday afton set a new record... she made it through the ENTIRE day without emptying a single drawer... usually dressers and kitchens are no match for her, but it was a nice record. i don't think that's happened since she learned how to open them 6 months ago. today she'd emptied 6 before nap time... oh well, some things are too good to last.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

another day...another project

it's amazing how many projects have to get done to prepare to sell a house... and then things are another story... paul's been fixing up our outside retaining wall, it had a big hole in it, which he has patched, and now needs to be stuccoed to match, he's also repaired two little leaks in the roof (he had to tear out the hall ceiling to find them, as they weren't findable from above, though the ceiling had to come out anyhow, as it was severely water-damaged), now he's been fixing the ceiling, and it looks good, but time is also limited. he's the YM pres in our ward, and this weekend is youth conference, so he's been gone all day today, and last night with no time to work on his projects. (by the way, tonight's prom for the youth too, somebody wasn't thinking when they planned youth conference!) it's kind of frustrating to not have him home ever, afton's really sick of me too, and i don't blame her! fortunately paul was able to take off friday from work and just work on the hall all day (afton and i stayed out of the house most of the day though, to keep her out of his way). my current projects include finding an apartment in dallas, NOT nearly as "easy" as it sounds... and also getting really frustrating, so if anyone has some suggestions, we're open! and my other project is packing up enough of the house that it looks roomy and homey, in a non-unique way (i think the goal is rather like a hotel... not personal, but open to another family), also not quite as easy as i'd hoped, especially cause i have a 19-month old helper and my back has been really sore the last few weeks--i'm ready for baby to come, just to ease my back (and it would be nice to lay on my stomach again :)!
projects aside, there's all the little things that have to get done too... dishes done for today! (until dinner) so that's one thing out of the way! now, if only there weren't so many others...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


1. What were you doing ten years ago?
-just getting ready to graduate high school (2 months to graduation then, 2 months to baby now)

2. Five things on my to-do list today?
-play at the arboretum with hilary and saralyn and their kids (DONE! and FUN!)
-start cleaning out the shed
-make dinner
-pull a bucket of weeds from the front lawn
-take a shower (AND shave my legs... wouldn't that be nice?)

3. What are your favorite snacks?
-chocolate ice cream, chocolate in general i guess
-fresh strawberries with just a tiny hint of sugar
-big, soft pretzles, though i haven't had any in a while

4. What would you do if you suddenly became a billionaire?
-that's so outside my comprehension right now i don't even know.

5. Three bad habits
-talking too much
-interrupting (related, but different from above)
-leaving dishes in the sink overnight when i really don't have to, just cause i don't feel like washing them

6. Five places I've lived
-Long Island, New York
-Maynard, Massachusetts
-Allen, Texas
-Marburg, Germany
-Globe, Arizona

7. Five jobs I've had:
-jewelry maker
-concessions worker for basketball games
-consultant for a gold-mining company
-teacher's assistant

8. Five things people don't know about me:
(is there anything people don't know about me?)
-i walk regularly with a 72 year old lady (and for over a month now, i've been trying to get her to slow down cause i can't keep up)
-i play free-cell on the computer while i'm waiting for things to load (we have dial-up, everything takes a long time)
-i really like green chili and fresh tortillas (it's good enough to get me to eat plain pinto beans)
-i crochet "scrap" afghans for people at the nursing home using yarn donated from others who don't have enough to make a whole project of their own, but i do it more to keep myself busy than cause others need the afghans
-i rip all the "extra" pages out of the reader's digest before i can read it, anything that has advertising on both sides of the page is superfuluous
(and 6 -i have no idea how to spell superfluous)

i tag melissa and danni