Tuesday, January 7, 2014


so the kids and I made a deal back in Aug-Sept sometime that if they could get the playroom, living room and their bedroom all clean, as in really-truly-organized-picked up-vacuumed-etc-clean, then they could have a reward. something special and fun to play with... and along about Thanksgiving time they did it!
LEGOS!!! (generally not allowed at our house, cause we have such a hard time getting them all picked back up after playing with them)
Rayna's horse castle
Afton's house
evidentially I didn't take any pictures with Malachi... they all had a great time though, playing legos all afternoon, and they all got put away when they were done :) hooray for a clean house... I wish I could say the same today ;)

Monday, January 6, 2014

more Asher Pictures

I just saw that i'd started this post almost 3 weeks ago and forgotten it... so here's a couple pictures of Asher, about a month ago :)
he's even bigger and smiley-er now!
and he does love his mommy :)
and since it's been so long since I started it, I thought i'd throw a few more in for good measure:

Christmas Tree Hunting

This year, living on the east coast and all (aka not TX or AZ), we decided it was time to splurge and buy a real Christmas tree! it was great fun searching out our favorites, but if we have the chance next year, we need to find somewhere we're allowed to cut our own for free :) (wild woods, anyone?)
Afton's favorite
Rayna's favorite
Malachi's favorite totally reminded me of Charlie Brown!
and the winner is... this one!
all packed up and ready to go home :)