Monday, June 4, 2012

more fun(ny) things

i just noticed i'd already uploaded thises pictures a while ago and i forgot to post them...

malachi loves chocolate covered strawberries!

rayna loves chocolate

maybe it's not nice of me to post this one, but it cracked me up... one of malachi's temper tantrums. he's the first of my kids to do the full on lay-on-the-floor-and-hit-things kind of tantrum, generally over silly little things, but he sure knows how to act heartbroken too.

this baby blue jay fell into my back yard a month or so ago and it took him the whole day to figure out how to get back up into the trees. i'm kind of glad they've moved on though, it's amazing how much bird poop falls eneath a nest!

and this one just makes me smile. paul and chi frequently go on walks in the evenings just before bedtime, but one day malachi wanted to ride instead, so he took his horse along. it's just so in character for both of them.

pre-k graduation

so afton just graduated from pre-kindergarten (which is perhaps silly because pre-k is not even considered 'school' yet, so it's a bit much to have a special ceremony...) but it was cute, so here's some pictures:

as each class came up, the readers in the class got to read a little quote to the audience, afton was the only reader in her class. i tried to video it, but my camera failed me (it went all blurry and couldn't focus that far away), but she did great, reading loud and clear.

"the more that you read, the more that you know. the more that you learn, the more places you will go." --dr. seuss

they had this cute little school to pose under while they wait for their name to be announced
that's the principal giving afton her fake diploma (i love that they announced to us it was the fake one, because the real one was in their folder back at class...)
and most important: the after party!!! with cupcakes and juice boxes!!! so exciting :) it made malachi really glad he'd skipped naptime to come.