Sunday, May 23, 2010

the girls

a few things the girls have been doing lately to keep busy:

paul helped them "make their beds" (into a house of course, they're coloring at the 'desk'). needless to say, as soon as the house was built, they didn't really know what to do with it, but i think all in all they still all had a blast :)
and thanks to grandma, we're becoming quite proficient at belly dance... or at least, we look awfully cute and we have a ton of fun :)
this is the same day, but with a little more action:

chi in the last two weeks

if a picture is worth a thousand words, consider this as edited as i can make it :)

a smile :)
a proud big sister:
cute little toes

a sweet little pose:

first sunday at church (16 may):
with mama:

hangin' with dad:

happy family (today):

Friday, May 14, 2010

afton says:

last night afton said "snow white and the three dwarves built their house of bricks and they are safe"

mixed-up fairy tales anyone?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

so blessed

i don't even know where to start :) this has been an amazing week! we're so happy and feel so blessed to have malachi in our family. he's a great baby, very sweet and cuddly. we're also blessed to have such wonderful friends and family doing all they can to help us out and make life easier (THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!) and it's wonderful to have paul home this week, it's the first time he's had off since christmas, and he's got a full week! even more significant, he was able to connect his work computer to our home computer, so for the last few days before the baby came he was able to work from home a LOT more than we'd ever seen him before. he's able to use the programs and saved files without directly accessing them (he had a laptop he was bringing back and forth, but it frequently decided it couldn't work at all unless it was connected to the internet, and we don't have a wireless connection here so it couldn't connect). this new development is VERY, EXTREMELY handy!
malachi is a great sleeper, great eater, and only really fussy when he's constipated (and who can blame him for that?!). he's also really tolerant of his big sisters holding him and kissing him all day long. he's been filling out nicely, growing into his skin, if you will...
we've been getting good rest, and plenty of help and support from nearby friends (aka, lots of yummy dinners, for which we are grateful! and lots of offers to take the girls for a while so mama and baby can rest).

so, for those who wanted more pictures, here's a bunch i've assembled :) starting with me, the day before he was born (so you can see cambric, why i think your little belly is TINY) .

then on to more important pictures, malachi's first pictue, meeting his mom (i think i was saying "gimme, gimme" through in the pain-induced haze, it may have been something slightly more profound)
the proud daddy, can you see the excitement and love in that face!
here he is up close :)
the girls meeting him for the first time, they look excited, huh?

again, with daddy :)

here's malachi's first birthday party. grandma helped the girls make cupcakes and decorate them for chi's birthday party. he didn't get one though... go figure. the girls' stickers say "awesome BIG sister" and they are! they LOVE holding and kissing and helping their baby brother, they're both really sweet with him too, hopefully that will last :)

happy family! both girls wanted to hold the baby, and they both wanted daddy to help, so he did, aren't they cute!

and finally, ready to come home!

and i saved the end of the post for talking about the labor/delivery for whoever's interested, the rest of you saw the pics, so that's probably the most interesting part :).

i had a really easy labor and delivery, as far as those things go. i'm not sure exactly when i went into labor, though i did have a rather uncomfortable night. by about 6:15 i was awake and pretty sure it was labor, though it wasn't til about 10 minutes later (two more contractions) that i was confidant enough to admit it even to myself. the contractions were about every 5 minutes lasting about 40-60 seconds long, and it was still easy. round about 7:00 i woke paul up and told him we were having a baby (to which he responded first with complete terror, and then with an almost equal degree of excitement... i can't blame him, i had another hour to deal with the idea first :). we also called my mom about then and let her know we were having a baby today. she finished up what she needed to do at her house and joined us about 9am to watch the girls. we were still not in a rush. we left for the hospital a little later, and arrived about 9:50, i was still having contractions about every 5 minutes, and they were still fairly mild--unexciting. i seriously think though that that was at least 50% mind power because i was determined not to have the baby in the car :) we checked into the l/d triage at the hospital for admission, and by the time they'd checked my blood pressure/temp/etc and checked the baby's heartbeat, my contractions were suddenly about every 1-2 minutes and a LOT stronger. they admitted me dilated to an 8, though the nurse told me it was a 9 and she didn't want to scare anyone (like me, for example? no, actually, i wasn't surprised at all, and i knew i still had time, though not as much as some people might like... i do like it that way, i think she was mostly concerned for paul and the tech that brought me to the delivery room). anyways, i went straight to the delivery room and met the midwife, who i really liked. after three failed IV attempts (with three corresponding giant bruises on my arms), they finally gave up because i was ready to push. as far as i remember, i pushed three times (the first popped my water, in a lovely gush), the second put him into place, and the third pushed him entirely out! chi was born at 10:58 with a lusty cry, and started turning pink immediately, by the time they handed him to me (pretty directly), he was about done crying, and he looked really healthy and just a little cone-headed (which went back to normal within the first day). he was 7 lbs 6 ozs and 20.5 inches long. the nurses and midwife were really impressed with the cord, which was a little strange. evidentally it was the prettiest any of them had ever seen (i didn't realize there was that much variation among umbilical cords). we didn't get a picture. chi had a little trouble getting his temperature to stay up, but other than that the first day or two, he's been perfect (and he's also officially gained 8 ozs in the last 5 days).

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

what a wonderful day! i love mother's day! just wanted to let you all know it was a really great day :)

i got to sleep in this morning, which was really nice after being in the hospital for the last few nights, where they poke and prod at you all night long. malachi slept pretty well, only getting up a few times to nurse and then just back to sleep. somehow paul got up with the girls before they could wake me, which i'm still not sure how he managed, but i'm grateful! they made me waffles for breakfast on my new waffle iron, (though it may not sound fancy, it's just what i wanted). we had a nice easy morning playing and taking it easy before sending paul and the girls off to church. chi and i slept for a while, it's really, really wonderful to be able to snuggle him from the outside :) i'm especially glad to have my snuggly babies around for mother's day!
i even had time to upload pictures to the computer, so there'll be more up soon :) and after church we went up to my mom's for a wonderful family dinner and talking to "auntie becca on hers mission" (as afton says). it's really nice to live close enough to visit my family regularly, i'm very blessed! the girls were tired after a long day (with very short nap), but as we were heading home afton said two great things that made me happy:

"if it's getting dark can we call it mother's night instead of mother's day, then it's not over"


"can we have mother's day again tomorrow...

that was a really yummy treat"

ps, thanks missy for the crepes, they were FABULOUS!!! and definately "really yummy" too :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Malachi David Williamson

born May 6, 2010 10:58 am, 7 lbs 6 ozs, 20.5 inches long, light brown straight hair, turning brown eyes (kinda purply, but definately going brown), and really, really sweet :)
i'll have more pictures up in a couple days :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

baby's on his way!!!

just thought i'd let you all know (if you read my blog at least), as afton says "it's my baby's birthday today." we'll let you know some details as soon as we get back to the computer :)