Friday, July 22, 2011

who's got a birthday?!

someone we all look up to!

someone who's always reading and studying (though i must admit, in this pic he's reading harry potter, nothing too strenuous).

someone who's always getting snuggles, even when he wishes he were sleeping

someone happy

someone loved!

very loved!!!
happy birthday paul! we love you very much, and appreciate all you do for us!

nothing like working long, hard hours (easily 60-70), for long, long semesters (gee, 4 whole days off for summer break!), and still being an amazing daddy, a busy church-worker, and the best husband i could wish for! hope your next year is the best ever :)
(and the next, and the next, we're looking for lots of best ever moments here ;)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

fourth of july!

we love the fourth of july! we love our country and our freedoms, and we love parties!
here's some pictures from our independance day parties (first, the allen celebration from the 25th june):
afton trying out a hot air balloon basket, she could have pulled the fire cord, but she was a little nervous of the noise it would make
checking out the fire engines, always a big favorite of the kids

loving on the giant cow

malachi fell asleep during the fireworks show that night... it was a late night!
and from the actual fourth:
nothing better than a berry-spangled french toast!

or a berry/yougurt parfait

there may have been some chicken fighting going on that day in the pool... (and paul and i may have been the champions, but no one took pics of us battling it out, so that will evidentally remain a mystery ;)
there was also a nice afternoon nap time scheduled into the day (love having babies!) and a ton of fantastic food! i guess i didn't get pictures of that though... i guess that tells you how much fun we were having! hooray for good friends, good food, and good entertainment!

there was a lot of "firework" dancing
crouch, "BOOM" jump!
a lot of dancing!

me and chi chillin' and watching the fireworks
yep, me and paul were both there,
love the night shot with the closed-eye-flash!
 and a bunch of the fireworks from both nights: