Monday, November 26, 2012


given my history, i know no one expects me to post pictures on time, but the really sad part is, i only have a picture of rayna in her halloween costume :( i'm horrible. that being said, i know my mom got some pictures of the other kids on her camera, so i'll get them relatively soon after she uploads them :). malachi went with the theme and was christopher robin, afton did her own thing and was a jelly fish. her own idea i feel obligated to point out, though i did make up the costume relatively on my own... maybe that was a good thing...
we did do a good job with our halloween fingernails though --aren't we cute!
afton had a ghost on one hand, and a mummy on the other

rayna had a pumpkin and a bat, the bat actually looked pretty good up close, it was just so tiny!

and i had a monster and spooky eyes :) and i did eventually clean off the part all over my fingers, evidentally i didn't try to take a picture after that though, just the messy beginning on, oh well!
on a slightly related note, we also had crazy hair day at both girls schools last month. we didn't get too crazy, though we had fun with coloring their hair:

i think rayna's looked pretty amazing, she had probably 20 different colors of curls, and that was enough to call her's crazy!

naturally if the girls are getting something crazy and fun, malachi should have it too! he picked orange--his current favorite color

i didn't get a picture of afton's before school, she was literally running ou tot he bus that day with her shoes in hand because we weren't quite ready yet, but it was pretty cute i think, 2 hair-'bows' and some stripes. only the brightest colors showed up in her hair because it's so much darker than raynas, but it was still lots of fun!
i sure love the girls' teachers and schools, they do lots of fun things, and i think they're learning a lot too :) happy october!

Monday, November 5, 2012

some more pictures

clearly i can only post things if i have pictures, so here are some more (from september):

afton's 'all about me' project for school, if you want to see it bigger, you can click on the picture

rayna cheesing it up for a quick photo before school

i think this was picture day at school, but here's a more normal smile, so sweet!

malachi wanted his picture taken too, gotta love that face! and yes, we do occasionally wash it ;)
i've mentioned before how much he loves the kitchen and cooking, he also loves bowls...
and now it's nap time-- g'night!

kung fu party

yeah, i know, i'm late for halloween... but i don't have those pictures yet, so here's a kung fu party we had back at the beginnning of september :). btw, my kids all love kung fu panda, and whenever they get to watch it together, something like this in fairly inevitable... but i still think it's pretty cute, so i still take pictures. especially because this time malachi was wearing his blanket as a toga... and that's just fun!
so some pictures:

he was actually doing a bunch of 'moves' but it's hard to tell in any of the pictures because the blanket is always in the way, but i love his smile just the same :)

at peace with the universe

high kick! (and she didn't even fall over!)
and for the fun of it, afton's been practicing with some of the editing software on the photo-program, and this is what she came up with for her picture: 

(just a little hard to see, but it's got at least 4 or 5 different effects so it's 'pretty cool')