Monday, November 21, 2011

silly days

some silly days with our family :)
giddy-up daddy!
whoa! too far, falling here... (ps, afton caught him)
sandwich anyone? (everyone, more like!)

 sunday afternoons especially lend themselves to some serious family silliness. daddy's home to build tents and play games :) we love daddy!
malachi likes to play on top of the tent. (he was in the middle of getting his pj's on)
we love frosting!

afton got to lick the rubber scraper
this pic makes me hungry! looks pretty good...

malachi agreed. delish!

and in other news, malachi has a new favorite toy.
it comes EVERYWHERE with us!
sorry this pic is so blurry, i still love it :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

ballet class

some of you may remember past ballet classes (here and here), but this time rayna was able to participate too, and they both had a GREAT time                           (pics in random order)
sisters and friends in the balloon-dance

rayna's backbend

part of the duck dance (think chicky-dance, but traditionally it was for ducks so the teacher pulls back tradition)

cute-sy curtsy :)

afton in the duck dance
that child runs fast!

and afton's curtsy
i love this class, the teacher's great, the price is right, and the kids are adorable!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

time with friends

last week rayna got to go on a special outing with her best friend and withOUT the rest of us. this is kind of special because pretty much everythign we've done to this point is as a family (though obviously w/o dad as he's always at work). it was also special because afton was at school, so she's already breaking out of the mold, and it was ray's turn too :). they had a great time at the arboretum, even though it was one of our chillier days, it was far from cold, so i think it was a perfect afternoon to play outside, they look pretty happy too.

rayna's a little "huggier" than dallin ;)
we also had a girly fun morning before school that day, with another friend coming over to our house. afton wanted her hair done like her friend's

afton and grandpa found this enormous caterpillar on halloween...
he didn't quite make it til the next day... oops.

and i just love this one! they look so much alike to me :) and all cuteness!

Monday, November 7, 2011


okay, okay, i'm getting on the ball, i've been slow about posting lately (as you'll see), but i figure it's my perogative... or something... anyways, here's the kids in all their halloween glory, getting ready to go trick-or-treating at grandmas house (her neighborhood's WAY better than ours for that). the girls were "scary" witches (though rayna's was a scary ballerina witch...) and malachi was by default (meaning it was a costume he couldn't take off by himself)

this pic was well before halloween, we built our scarecrow again (a little different from last year, but mostly the same). we like him :)

for some reason i absolutely LOVE this picture of rayna :) she refused to wear the witch hat except for pictures, though she was super-excited to wear straight hair at first... oh well, i like her curls anyways!

malachi really only wore the hat for about 2 minutes... and he LOVED trick-or-treating! that's one thing he's super-good at!
  these pictures were a few weeks ago. one night we had some halloween-theme decorated marshmellows for dessert. they were also a hit:

and they're pretty, right?

and thanks to maggie for the awesome halloween plates! they love them :). i'm thinking they'll be a year-round addition to our table! thanks so much for sending us that package!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

when the rain comes

for all my fans that have been waiting impatiently for the next installment in the lives of the williamsons (or those that are at bored at work and want something cute to look at, ahem--you know who you are)... about a month ago it rained! we were so excited, that we went running to the door in our jammies, and made grinning faces like these: (we didn't even mind when it was still raining at bedtime!)

 malachi was so inthralled, you'd have guessed he'd never seen rain before! (or maybe it was the novelty of running outside to watch it... either way, he was happy too!)