Friday, April 26, 2013

Captian Paul A Williamson

since i'm usually about a month late this should come as no surprise to any of you, but Paul was sworn in and commissioned about three weeks ago, so here's a few pics for those that didn't see them on FB
sorry about the horrible quality of the pictures, i was having a hard time documenting and paying attention :) and i was probably sitting on the wrong side of the room. it was a nice, and brief meeting with a lovely cake afterwards--which part made the kids love it. i know there were more pictures taken, but i haven't found them yet (from the air force themselves).

Monday, April 15, 2013

Baby BOY!!!

the kids were really excited to come with us to the ultrasound appt today, they're old enough to really understand (and ask good questions) about the baby, so it was cute and exciting for them too. the loved especially seeing the baby's heart and bones (arm, leg, and spine)
but i think everyone's favorite picture was this one of his hands :)
he kept one foot up by his face for a few minutes, which was cute. and the dr also mentioned that the placenta is right in the front, so i won't feel the baby move as much til he's a little bigger.
now... baby boy names??

Monday, April 1, 2013

quick update

i'll probably still go back at some point and add some more older pictures, but i was thinking if i just wait for things to get caught up i'll end up so far behind that i can't remember anything!

so a quick update on the kids: afton's doing great in school, she's almost always happy and generally helpful and she loves school ( i know i kinda said that twice, it seems applicable!). she loves animals and bugs, reading, and she continuously amazes me with her math skills--for example, yesterday she asked me what 26 x 4 was, so i turned it around and said, you know what 25x4 is so can you figure out waht 26x4 is? within seconds she smiled and said 104!
ps, she was trying to determine about how long 2 minutes was, and she knew she could sing the abc song twice in a minute, so there was some additional mathmatical thinking involved... maybe not the easiest way, but i liked it!

rayna's a sweetheart. she loves her babies, barbies and ponies. and considering the fact that she 'doesn't like exercise' she regularly walks the 1.25 miles to school and back home, running and long-jumping a lot of the way. she's all girl, and just vacuumed the living room for me, without being asked!!!

malachi's adorable, but he's also a twerp ;). he's slowly giving up nap time, down to 2-4 times a week, but he always manages to fall asleep during church :). he's also debating potty training, and i'm thinking i'm going to start pushing for that. he got a haircut on saturday despite calling out 'but i'n so han-some!' as he clutched his head. true-that. but it was still time for a haircut!

now on to the big people: paul's nearly done at SMU, which is exciting, it's been a long time and we're excited to be moving onwards. he'll be commissioned on thursday (the 4th), so that's pretty exciting too, and we plan on moving mid-june so we can have some things sorted out before he heads out to his officer training for the entire month of july (open invitation to anyone that wants to visit the kids and me during july).

and me... i haven't been running as much as i'd like, mostly because i'm lazy though, so i can't really blame that on anyone else (though it didn't help that my running friend had a baby and hasn't been able to run fo rthe last month). i did sew some skirts with a friend for the girls today, i'm very nearly done, but i had to stop so i could get home before afton's bus. hopefully i'll be able to finish tomorrow. i'm extremely proud of this accomplishment because i don't sew, and i don't really want to know all the details about how to sew, but i like feeling brilliant, so this is a perfect balance, my friend does the hard stuff, and i follow directions and get to claim the product as my own ;). on another note, we're having another baby this fall and we decided we should let everyone else know about it so you can be excited for us too! we're due right around afton's birthday in september, we'll keep you posted as we learn more details.