Monday, February 9, 2015

still no pictures :)

someday fixing the computer will be our top priority... someday :).

so a quick update on us all, Paul--working all the time. he's acting administrator over his office, and that will probably become a permanent change this summer. He's getting the hang of it all now, so it doesn't stress him out too much, but I don't think he really likes that part as much. He also keeps plenty busy with his calling on the stake high council. Unfortunately, everything around here is so spread out that he travels a lot. We figured he averages 30 hours a month just with traveling and meetings, plus talk prep time (and this month there was an extra fireside and stake conference to add to that time). We do still see him often on Saturdays and we always manage to do something fun :).

Afton's in volleyball now, and she loves it. she plays on a team with 3-5th graders, so she is on the smaller-side, but that doesn't slow her down much. she's excelling in school, occasionally she'll tell me how the teacher buddies her up with some of the other students that aren't understanding a concept because afton's good at explaining another way (other than how the teacher shows it). She's also furthest along with her multiplication facts and has the highest AR goal in the class (reading program). I know I sound a bit like i'm bragging, and it may be intentional since the teacher wasn't too sure about letting her skip up into 3rd grade, despite the 2nd grade teacher and principal's excited endorsement. I'm mostly glad she's found a comfortable place and has made some friends now too. that was harder last semester with moving and then switching classes. :)

Rayna's doing a lot better with her reading too. yesterday in primary she volunteered to read a scripture at the last second when the child giving the talk wasn't there. She's a LOT more confident than even a few weeks ago. She loves playing by herself, which can be a boon when it's so loud and crazy around here. She's also the best at helping/playing with Asher. This past Saturday she ran a whole mile without really stopping, which was a big deal to her. she's very proud of her running and her muscles (she's got me beat on push-ups too!), though it's been pretty cold most of the winter so we haven't been running as much as we'd like. she wants to run a 5k with me this summer.

Malachi loves technology. he's the quickest to figure out how a new remote works, and he's pretty adept with the laptop and the tablet. maybe I should let him fix the computer... He's starting to get pretty bored staying home with mom and asher every day, but he doesn't usually want to go anywhere either (he says 'lets wait and do it with the girls'). we recently got a membership to a discovery museum, like a giant playroom with crafts and tools and everything, but we have yet to go without the girls along :). though we'd been planning on going last week (I got sick).

All three of the kids have loved our new FHE chart giving them more set responsibilities, they have particularly embraced treat time, requesting lava cakes, fudge, and brownies--they're true choc-a-holics, though to be fair, they get a double-dose of coming by it naturally! We've also loved the spring-like weather when we get it! we play outside whenever it's remotely nice out, and have already hit up 2 new parks this year :).

Asher's a total sweetheart. he's a climber, and loves getting up on our (counter-height) dining room table, or playing the piano. He's also the sweetest snuggler, he climbs on the couch next to me when i'm reading or crocheting and hugs my arm all the time. He's always happy and hardly ever cries or complains. He burned his hand pretty bad on Saturday afternoon when we lit up the grill, and even then he only cried for less than a minute. unfortunately, it did keep him up at night a little bit, it seems as soon as we get him sleeping better something happens to wake him up again... he comes in to my room often. oh well, he'll figure it out sometime. he's been practicing going to nursery too, though less successfully. we have another month before he's technically old enough anyways, it's just easier when paul's on assignment.

I've been busy with my new calling, i'm the primary song leader. it's a big change from yw, but I think it'll be fun. I just need a little longer to get the hang of it :) we have a pretty big primary, so I don't know a lot of the kids names yet either. I feel like I've been sick a lot lately too (never-ending cold), but since i'm the only one in the family, I can't really complain either.

so that was a long rambling post... but I hope that gets you all a bit better up-to-date on us :)