Thursday, March 27, 2008


for those that haven't heard yet, paul was accepted to southern methodist university to start their doctoral program in clinical psychology this fall. we're really excited and starting to figure out some of the details now of moving to texas at the end of the summer.

eyebrow wars

monday at the park, afton took a little roll down the playground equipment in such a way as it is not designed for. she managed to smash her eyebrow dead-center on the edge of a not-even-very-sharp stair leading to the little slide. it didn't look too bad til mom scooped her up and realized there was blood streaming down the right side of her face. with a little help from some friends and a stranger with a cell phone we got ahold of dad, picked him up from work (about 2 minutes from the park, fortunately) and we all went to the emergency room (mom was too shaky to want to handle it on her own, and fortunately dad was available). the er trip wasn't too bad, only about an hour and a half all together, and then afton was ready for nap time. she's been fine ever since (actually, she was really fine most of the time there too, she was done crying before we even picked daddy up from work).
it was also nice that they were able to glue her laceration back together rather than needing stitches... this should only leave a small scar, and it should be mostly hidden in her eyebrow.

Monday, March 24, 2008


we had a lovely easter, afton liked the eggs (especially when she realized many of them had candy inside, not so much when they actually had egg inside... not nearly as exciting. we enjoyed two seperate events of egg-hunting, a nice dinner with friends, and mom's favorite, lemon meringue pie. as well as the requisate egg sandwiches for lunch, and chocolate egg binge. afton's decided to start working harder at sitting still during church, or at least sitting quietly occasionally. we'll see...

faces of a toddler

brownie face
ranch dressing face
frosting face


afton likes wearing big shoes

and little shoes

Thursday, March 20, 2008

some things

things i like today:
my shelf
green chili

things i don't like today:
repetitive questions (when the asker should already know the answer, and shows lack of listening by asking again)
dirty dishes

other things on my mind:
i don't really spend all my time thinking about food
i can't remember, i was thinking all kinds of deep thoughts today, and i thought i'd record something meaningless here, but i can't even remember what i wanted to write.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


so i figured it was time for an update for those who can't see me regularly, i'm pregnant. this was this week, 29 weeks officially. sometimes i don't feel like i look very pregnant, but i think it's more effective from the side :) we're still looking for a name, and we're open to (looking for) suggestions, though we'll probably not name her til she's actually born.

ps, my waist is definately larger than the thickest part of paul's belly by now... oh well, at least he still weighs more :)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

popcorn popping

last night as paul, afton and i were heading home from a fun-filled visit to wal-mart (okay, it wasn't really exciting, but it was necessary), afton was sitting in her seat, logically, and we could hear her babbling in a sing-song tone, "cok-coh, cok-coh." i glanced back at her and her hands were opening in the pop-corn motion, it took me that long to figure out what she was doing, but it sure was cute, so we all launched into song the rest of the way home. her favorite parts are pop-corn (of course) and "it wasn't really so," she loves wagging her finger at us!

Friday, March 7, 2008

foot massage?

afton's discovered our massager, she loves it on her feet.
this one was from last sunday. she loves playing in her bed, especially if someone (usually mom) sits and watches her run and jump across it's length. i guess this is funny.

i keep trying to think of more fun things to say about our week, but it really has been rather dull. i guess i'll leave it at that.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

hog haven

paul and i went out to dinner last night (that's right, withOUT afton--weird) to a new little place called hog haven. this may sound like a biker's barbeque hangout, and it is, but it was wonderful! i've never seen such atmosphere, it was hilarious! and the food was pretty good too. i think my favorite part is that it was real, the order taker (at the counter, nothing so fancy as waiters) had tatoos all up and down his arms, and he was very careful to count out our change exactly, with his fingers :)... the "bus-boy" clearing the tables had a stringy gray pony-tail almost to his waist, and the cooks were just as authentic. there were at least three motercycles parked out front, and little bud vases of red carnations on the tables. it was great! paul had smelled the food (they've got two big barbeques out front that are always smoking, one for brisket, the other for various smoked meats, we asked) every time he rode his bike past to or from work, and he's been interested in visiting ever since. we had a great time!