Wednesday, February 29, 2012

valentines day

so i may be late posting about v-day, but it's still february after all! we love our little family celebration (remember? and here?). naturally, it's all about food and family, and we like those things coming together :)

dessert anyone?! yum. --though the kids prefer plain pudding... weirdos! ;)
 happy little family, we didn't have the patience to wait dinner long enough for a picture, so the pic was in the middle of the eating, 
i think this one's my favorite. looks good, doesn't it?
and more pudding

afton was making silly faces in all the pictures i got of her... i guess that's what happens when you're 5!

we love our family!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


so it was actually about a month ago (31 jan) that afton got her hair cut... but i haven't uploaded pictures for a while. here's the before and after (i think it was about 5 inches):

she likes it :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


conversation just after bedtime tonight...
rayna: *sobbing*
mom: rayna, what's wrong?!
r: i bited my finger. *sobbing*
m: why did you do that?
r: i didn't know it would hurt! *SOB*
m: i'm so sorry that happened (no i did NOT laugh out loud--it was SO tempting) *kisses for finger, hugs for sympathy, etc...*
m: what would make it feel better?
r: i need a bandaid
m: (thinking...) why the heck not, that story's worth a bandaid, even though there's certainly no blood

Monday, February 13, 2012

dance party and other fun happenings...

our little abba-dance party:
this is a really short video, but i think it's a fairly accurate little snapshot of our whole party (which went on for nearly an hour!)

note how her skirt is flying out... she may have her baby, but that didn't slow her down a bit!

malachi wanted to dance too, but i think he mostly wanted to play with the coins :)

i LOVE this one! even though it's fuzzy, thanks again sara, katie, and darlyn!!! these skirts are AMAZING!!!
and some from a different day, this afternoon was chalk-day... or make-up day, depending on how you look at it...
little poser...

see, make-up... and it doesn't really bother me at all, unlike some of the other make-up they've found throughout the ages...

malachi wasn't really in on the chalk, but he had a great time with the bike, despite it's rather flat back tire (hooray for trianing wheels that keep it up despite being so flat) he's been on a pajama-kick lately, i can barely get him to change ever...

pear anyone? rayna sure knows how to make them look tasty!

malachi also recently discovered TV, here he's watching baby einstein, though he doesn't watch often, he did enjoy it this time, and i thought it was cute :)

so i don't know why this picture is so skinny, but afton was showing off her block castle

and after a brief snuggle, we wish you all good night!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


does this curtain look funny???
 aha!    peek-a-boo!!!
ps, my favorite is his little toes!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

impromptu picnic

as i alluded in my previous post, the weather's been incredibly nice here this winter (last year at this time, schools were closed for a full week because of snow and ice... yesterday, i wore shorts). we've been soaking up the sun as much as we can! a couple weeks ago we had an impromptu picnic at the park with a couple friends. it was fun :)
i must admit though, i almost miss the snow!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


so i must admit, it feels like all we do at home is chores... and the good thing about that is that we spend a LOT of time outside, but...
another thing we do a lot of at home is eating...
clearly there is a reason for all those chores! (that's a blackberry handprint, by the way) 
fortunately, my girls LOVE playing princesses!
 maybe that's a weird, but my girls think the main thing princesses do is clean the house, carry in the groceries, and generally slave to make the household a better/cleaner place to be! i love cinderella right now! (and sleeping beauty... afton pointed out that she worked hard too)

malachi naturally loves doing whatever the big kids are doing, so he 'helps' too
so everyone that is bothered by the princess-hood of modern day girlhood, and disney in particular, don't worry, there's definately a positive side too.