Friday, May 30, 2014

family photos!

these were from the beginning of April... unfortunately, it was a bit chillier than we expected, and both boys were coming down with something... so even smiley Asher wasn't too happy--he was asleep less than a minute after we buckled him back into his car seat!  :( but I think we got some great shots anyways! I'm still trying to figure out which pictures to print out for my walls too, so if you have a vote (keep in mind the others on the sidebar and the top family photo), let me know! (or a request)
we liked his twig 'pipe' poor baby is still cute even when he feels crummy!
I know, we're gorgeous ;)

Monday, May 26, 2014

beginning of March

again I play catch-up... I really need to upload more photos! I'm so behind... but I guess that's part of my life right now too. a real glimpse into my life, and also lets you know that I'm trying :)
for a while we borrowed this johnny-jump-up from a friend. Asher loves moving and bouncing so I thought he'd like it while I make dinner and things like that... big fat fail! this is as close a thing to a smile I saw on him... and usually he was screaming as soon as I started trying to put him in. he likes the plastic-ware cupboard now though, so we let him play there most days so I can make dinner.
I honestly don't remember why I took this picture, but I like it, it must have been a special day with sugar cereal. Malachi's really been growing up a lot lately, I think he shot up 4-5 inches over the last year, but I suppose I should get to that with his birthday post :)
just a couple pictures of a cute smiley baby
I can't believe how much bigger he is now that just these few months ago!
Malachi frequently goes to bed like this... he clears everything off the bed (there's usually blankets and a top sheet--sometimes I wonder why I bother!) and has to have his blue blanket just so over him, and heaven forbid mom or dad try to help him lay it out! but the mummy-sleep only lasts for a little while before he curls up on his side.
in thrall of "Let It Go" on u-tube... they got the movie for Easter, you can tell it was a worthy gift!
cheese! this boy LOVES the camera! as soon as it comes out he stops whatever he's doing and smiles for me :D
Chi was particularly proud of this play-dough fish he made. I love how you can see it in his face.
Afton made this 'bouquet' with wild onions, little flowers and a pinecone
so I had about a months worth of physical therapy for my back, and a couple of the exercises they gave me to do involved pulling on an elastic band from about elbow+ height... the only place I could think of to secure the end was in the window-sill, but Chi had a great time playing with it too!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

the rest of February

again, catching up with my photos... or getting closer to caught up (as my camera has evidentially decided not to upload the rest of my current photos, perhaps this counts for something in the meantime).

If I remember correctly, I took this pic for Grandpa W, one afternoon the kids were pouring over this big astronomy book and Afton was reading some of the photo explanations.

A went curly one day
I just love this guy, I really need to get some more recent pictures up too, cause he's amazingly much bigger, though still just as sweet as he was in Feb :)
the girls got more awards at their school third quarter assembly (both made the principal's honor list/straight A's, and perfect attendance for the quarter)
This was just a random Saturday, but I liked how typical it was of the kids that I could just step outside for a second and find them in their natural habitats (ps, if I remember correctly, Paul was fixing his bike on the front step, also his natural Saturday habitat, though I didn't' get a picture):
Rayna up a tree
Afton digging in the dirt or playing with a bug
Malachi in his own 'outfits' with chocolate smeared on his face
Malachi had a time when he would climb in the crib whenever Asher started crying and they'd snuggle 'til I came in to get them. very sweet
And there was one day I noticed my boys were matching, so I took some pictures just 'cause I thought they were cute...
Then I realized it was 'twin-day' at school and the girls were matching that morning too, so when they got home I took some more matchy-matchy pics...
(feel free to ignore the dirty dishes piled up behind them)
they posed themselves...
and ironically, when daddy got home from work, he changed into a blue shirt like the boys' so this was a happy coincidence for me... I can't get them all matching that well when I try!
And for some reason, this picture just makes the Fluckiger side of me happy... I debated even posting it because my house was such a mess, but one evening just before the kids were supposed to be getting ready for bed I walked in to find them like this:
they all had a book, and were thoroughly engrossed :)
Happy End of February...