Sunday, August 9, 2015

summer vaca. pt. 3

(if you're reading all this, remember to read in order... it makes a lot more sense that way :) )

Friday we had another amazing trip to the beach (with Aunt Sarah!). This time, we brought a boogie board so the kids could practice a little wave riding/body surfing. Afton really got into it! The waves were a little bigger this time, and the sky was pretty overcast, so the ocean was a little cooler and a little more intense. I’m sure Sarah has a few pictures of the kids (hint, hint, send me some if you do!). The boys both got knocked down a few times, even in the shallows, but they both had fun going deep to float with mom and dad too. We saw lots of pelicans, and a few fish… it was fun to watch the pelicans dive. We made it back to Carmen’s to visit a little with Grandma W (who’d arrived late the night before) before driving off to Melburne to see Uncle Mark and Aunt Kristie J.

Mark and Kristie are exceptionally cool because they live on an island, and Mark is a surfer (he also makes boards). We had a really nice visit with them (the kids warmed up very fast there!). We were even able to go for an after dinner walk to the beach. The beach there is a little cooler and steeper than in Jacksonville, so the tide was coming in strong when we got there, it was an absolutely gorgeous evening with a nice salty breeze. The kids collected some dead fish on the beach, and we all managed to get a little wetter than we’d planned (splashed by waves, cause it was too perfect to not wade ;) ). There were also come cool jellyfish bodies that had washed up to the shore (no tentacles attached, just the bodies), so we may have played with them just a bit… this sounds morbid… the animals were cool, just dead. We could also see the clouds of fish (looked like darker blue areas) in the ocean, where the pelicans were diving deep. The breeze seemed to be bringing in a classic Florida evening storm, so we had to head back, but we managed to miss the rain, and we needed a good night’s sleep anyways so we’d be ready for Saturday J.

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